About PYV

Permaculture Yarra Valley is a not-for-profit association, incorporated in Victoria under the Association’s Incorporation Reform Act of 2012. We have a bio-regional focus on the Yarra Valley, with our membership spread throughout the Yarra Valley and adjoining areas.


an active and empowering organisation working within the local and broader community to develop a sustainable, fair and connected society.


  • to provide environmental education through the application of Permaculture principles to the design of sustainable communities in the Yarra Valley and the wider landscape,
  • to support its members in the promotion of permaculture,
  • to network with like-minded organisations.


Environmental Goal – A community living in harmony with the environment through the use of permaculture design principles and techniques.

Educational (Membership) Goal – A membership of people who feel empowered to share permaculture knowledge, practices and experience among themselves and the wider community.

Social (Organisational) Goal – A community organisation that encourages, activates and supports local permaculture initiatives that contribute to a sustainable community within the Yarra Valley

Organisational Structure

In compliance with the Act we have a Management Committee elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The 2017-18 Committee consists of  :

President – Stuart Ryder

Vice President and Secretary – Mary-Ellen Wallace Smith

Treasurer – Stuart Ryder

Ordinary Members –  Kerry Dawborn, Travis Heenan, Paul Judd,  Peter Veeken and Robyn Veeken,


Responsibilities for team activities are as follows :

Membership – Peter Veeken (Membership Officer)

Events  –  Kerryn Popa, Mary-Ellen Wallace-Smith

Website –  Peter Veeken (Administrator)

Facebook – Julian Guess (Coordinator), Paul Judd and Mary-Ellen Wallace Smith

Training – Graeme George (Coordinator), Stuart Ryder, Travis Heenan